Boomer is a 8yo palomino pony gelding standing 10.2hh. We got him in 2017 from a rescue who saved him from a slaughter truck coming out of TN. He has been the most amazing pony for our kids! Our kiddos are all grown up now and too big for him and he is looking for his perfect next family to love.

Boomer LOVES kids. He is completely safe and well-mannered around them. He has been handled by kids and used at horse shows, expos and events where loads of kiddos could love on him. He can be a leadline pony for the most beginner kiddos. He has been ponied off other horses extensively and we used to pony the kids on him on trail rides. He is broke to ride but requires an advanced beginner or intermediate rider because he likes to go. With more time under saddle he can be as safe with total beginners like he is on the ground and leading kiddos on him. I have done longe line lessons with him with kiddos on him and he was great. 

Boomer comes with all his tack which includes a custom halter and lead, his pony saddle, pad and cinch and his bridle. We also have a pony harness that can go with him though we never got around to teaching him to drive (would be easy though). Boomer is not spooky, loves obstacles, will walk into your house and hang out with you if you let him! He has no vices, never ever bucked, no kick, bite, nothing. He clips, ties, bathes, perfect for farrier, never had shoes and never had any health issues. He is current on vaccines and had his teeth floated July 2021. He would need a Coggins if going out of state. This is the perfect kid/family pony that you can trust! He gets along great with other horses and loves burros/donkeys too.

Sale Video: https://youtu.be/fzTXFfPL0uU

Unfortunately, we do not have much riding video of him because the footage was lost years ago and our kiddos are too big to ride him now.

Current Price: $3,500



Despacito is a 9yo black mustang from Reveille HMA in NV. He stands a proud 14.3hh. He competed in the 2018 Mustang Magic Makeover with Isidro. Despacito has since competed in multiple LD and 50 mile endurance rides, placing top ten frequently. You can look up his name and record on AERC. We feel he has the ability to be a 100 mile horse. He is smooth, fast, sure-footed and very well trained. Despacito can be ridden at endurance rides in a halter and also can be ridden in any bit. This horse requires a special human. He is sensitive (no buck, bolt or rear) and doesn't like to be approached by people on the ground. Bikes, motorcycles, dogs, nothing bothers him as long as no one tries to touch him without waiting for his permission. He is a very cool horse with a big heart. We are very selective where he goes. He is currently out in pasture and not fit, his price reflects this.

Current price: $6,500



Ramond is a yearling BLM Burro from the Cibola-Trigo HMA in AZ. He is our son's competition burro for the 2021 Las Vegas TIP Challenge. Ramond is a fun burro with a lot of personality. He loves kids and loves to have the zoomies! He knows how to lead, tie, trot in hand, back, haunch and forehand turns, side pass, go over obstacles, be groomed, bathed and picks up his feet. He will be available after the TIP Challenge October 1-2, 2021. We are looking for Ramond's perfect forever home now though. 

Approved BLM adoption application needed and we can help you with that. Burros have easy requirements of 4.5ft fences and at least 20'x20' pen with shade/shelter.

Sale Video: https://youtu.be/b47J9ooIpy4

Current training price: $500 with $25 BLM reassignment fee.