Despacito is a 9yo black mustang from Reveille HMA in NV. He stands a proud 14.3hh. He competed in the 2018 Mustang Magic Makeover with Isidro. Despacito has since competed in multiple LD and 50 mile endurance rides, placing top ten frequently. You can look up his name and record on AERC. We feel he has the ability to be a 100 mile horse. He is smooth, fast, sure-footed and very well trained. Despacito can be ridden at endurance rides in a halter and also can be ridden in any bit. This horse requires a special human. He is sensitive (no buck, bolt or rear) and doesn't like to be approached by people on the ground. Bikes, motorcycles, dogs, nothing bothers him as long as no one tries to touch him without waiting for his permission. He is a very cool horse with a big heart. We are very selective where he goes. He is currently out in pasture and not fit, his price reflects this. Price does include one month tune-up with Isidro.

Despacito's incredible story video upon request.

Current price: $6,500



Cereza is a 7yo BLM mustang mare from Stone Cabin, NV HMA. She stand 14.2hh and has all her ground work done. She is ready to get started under saddle. She has been saddled twice and did great. She can be caught, leads, ties, can be groomed, bathed, pick up all four feet, loads on a trailer, lunges and has been saddled.  Cereza has a huge heart and tons of try. She is a sensitive mare and on the hotter side. She will make an incredible little endurance horse, cowboy racing, gymkhana or any fun performance sport. She is very smooth gaited as well! She is titled and ready for her new home.

Price will go up as she receives more training and gets started under saddle.

Sale video upon request.

Current price: $800