We offer lessons on your horse at our ranch in Arizona. This is good if you are having a minor problem or need extra assistance with your horse.

Cost is $40 per lesson (approx. 1 hour session)



We are excited to announce we will be doing virtual lessons now!

How does it work? 

You send us a 10-30 minute video clip of you working with your horse and the issue you are having. You can send via YouTube, Dropbox, e-mail, flash drive by mail or DVD by mail. We will watch the video and do a VoiceOver of our assessment and recommendation. We will upload to YouTube and send you a link that is private and only you can see. E-mail us at: [email protected] or text 760-981-3018 if you would like a virtual lesson!

We hope this will be a good way to help you further your horsemanship in the comfort of your own home!

Cost is $20 per lesson payable via Venmo, PayPal, Facebook pay, Zelle, or Check in the mail.


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